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The recycle system of Leiser Package

January 18, 2022

Leiser box is a brand new low carbon emission and degradable environmental protection packaging product produced by using inorganic powder as the main raw material and combining organic resin and auxiliary materials. It can not only replace the traditional corrugated box, but also replace various packaging boxes produced by traditional plastics.


Compared with traditional cartons, Leiser boxes are almost pollution-free during production, and have the characteristics of stratching resistance, firmness, good hydrophobicity and waterproof, which is not conducive to the reproduction of bacteria and molds, and is not "favored" by rats and insects. They are very suitable for express, transit, storage and other links in cold chain, food, daily chemical and other industries. A single box can be reused for 15 times or more, and can be rebuilt after damage. The materials are fully utilized, the process is relatively simple, no additional waste is generated, and it is very environmentally friendly.


According to the characteristics of inorganic powder, after the defective products or finished product boxes in the production process are damaged, the inorganic powder can be re extracted through a specific process, and then the finished product boxes can be re made through remodeling, synthesis and utilization. In this recycling process, compared with the traditional carton industry, the loss rate is very low, which further ensures the yield of products.


As a guardian of environmental friendliness, Yuexin environmental protection new materials Co., Ltd. provides environmental protection products with better commercial value for the society and creates better environmental protection solutions for customers. It is committed to the brand mission of Leiser box commercial value transformation, leads the green upgrading, improves the urban environmental quality, improves the people's living environment, realizes the green future and realizes the new green value. In order to coexist and win-win with the planet we live on, please consider choosing a more environmentally friendly Lei plastic box.