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Guangdong Yuexin Eco Material Co., Ltd;
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We focus on Corrugated Plastic Sheet, Corrugated Plastic Carton, Corrugated Plastic Display, Corrugated Plastic Sign products and so on

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China Guangdong Yuexin Eco Material Co., Ltd

Guangdong Yuexin Eco Material Co., Ltd

Guangdong Yuexin Eco Material Co., Ltd established in 2003,Guangzhou,China. As an environmental protection technology enterprise, We have a professional and energetic team of chemical and material technical personnel, dedicated to develop and promote new composite materials with more inexpensive, versatile and environmentally friendly. About Lei-Zhi-Xin-Zao Production (Project) Yuexin provides Lei Zhi Xin Zao (Stone corrugated plastic) products as a green packaging solution. Stone corrugated plastic is a hollow plate made of high proportion mineral fillers and polypropylene, which could be quality effective replacement to the conventional Corrugated fiberboard.

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